Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Bee.....

I have been so busy these past few weeks, I haven't really had a chance to sit down and update about our life! The kids started school in August and are both doing so great. I absolutely love their teachers, as do the kids, and I think it's going to be a fantastic school year. I'm a little worried about miss Trinity though. She started 5th grade and is now noticing boys. She has her first crush, Justin, the new kid in class. She thinks he "likes" her to. I really don't think I am ready for this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! She also started shaving her legs last week. She told me the other girls shaved and were calling her "hairy", so I called up my mom freaking out and wondering what to do. She said to let her shave. AAHHHHHH!!! My sweet little niece is growing up way too fast! Addy also started Mother's Day Out at a church by our house. She goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-3! It's so great for her, and she has a blast, but it still kills mommy to leave her. I won't lie, it's wonderful having two full days to myself to do whatever I want, but I'm still not used to it and I find myself checking the mirror in the car for her throughout the day! Ethan and Bailey are both doing great. There's really nothing new to report with them. Ethan didn't want to play any sports this year, so I am having a little trouble with that, but I want to support his decision and want he wants to do. Maybe he'll change his mind soon.
Our house is still on the market, and has been for about a year now, if not longer. I know the market is terrible right now, but I just want out of this house! Bobby purchased it before we married, and it's just not our "home". I'm not happy in it and we are completely out of room! I know God has something wonderful in store for us, and I am trying to be patient...but sooner would be better!!
The FLU....yes I said the terrible, disgusting word. It has taken over our house and I am about sick of the smell of lysol and Clorox wipes! It started with Ethan. He ran fever for two days and was just miserable. I never took him to the dr. because he got over it fairly quickly. Well then come Sunday morning (last Sunday to be exact) I wake up achey, running fever, and literally not able to get out of bed. I stay sick until around Thursday morning. I went to the ER Tues or Weds night because I couldn't take it anymore. They tell me I have an Upper Respiratory Infection and there's nothing you can do but rest and drink plenty of fluids. Well poor Addy is suffering right along with me, and has the same symptoms so I figured I spare her the pain of the ER and let it pass. She get WORSE and won't even move, so I book it to the ER and she has the FLU. My poor, sweet Addy had never been so sick. The dr prescribed Tamiflu and she is feeling much better today, thank goodness. Now I am praying to my sweet Jesus that Bobby and Trinity don't catch the crud!
That's what's been going on at the Martin Household.....God bless and WASH YOUR HANDS!!! lol

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